Sleeper Monarch...

1975 Mercury Monarch 4-door (born as Ghia) - Powered by 351CID Windsor V8 engine with C4 automatic tranny.
Here is Alan's description of his car:
This is my 1975 Mercury Monarch I got it back in '91 when I was sixteen. It only had one owner before me but the body has been rough since I got it. I've had to put more focus on mechanical than the looks catagory.
It started out as a car for me to go to summer school with but I grew quite fond and rather attached to it.It was orinally a Monarch Ghia but the tirm was falling off anyway it still has the Ghia interior but thats a bit rough still too the original owners had kids judging by the broken crayons under the backseat.

Although its not the best looking one around it's got it where it counts. Orinally it had a 302 but most of the car has been modified. The motor is a '84 351 windsor from an F-150 pick up with the following mods:
Bored .040 over, hyperuetectic pistons (roughly a 9:1 comp ratio, Crane cam, Edelbrock performer intake and carb, Crane roller rocker, ported heads, ARP rod bolts, HV oil pump, HD oil pump drive shaft, ported exhuast manifolds(love my Dremel), 2 1/2'' single exhuast (for the moment) and a flowtech afterburner muffler.
It makes an estimated 320 horsepower and still gets decent mileage. The original c4 was rebuilt to handle the motor with a high stall speed converter and will chirp second if I get into the secondaries.

The font end was rebuilt by me and my brother in law. I've since then upgraded to poly-eurathane sawy bar bushings and upgraded to the HD 5 leaf spring set up in the rear.
Tire size currently is 225/60R15 and 235/60R15 on the rear. On 15x8 aluminum rims (off who knows what?) I paid 50 bucks for all four how could I resist.
A few other things I did was to put a tach and gauges in along with a pioneer CD player and new speakers. Future mods include a 9" rear with traction lock and disc brakes from my 76 parts Granada,headers and daul exhuast, rear sway bar and after market ignition system.
When these pics where taken it still had the NJ tags on it I moved to western NY over this summer and drove the car up here. Let my tell you was a fun ride thats what these cars do best is cruise (windows down, stereo up at 65mph).

Thank you, Alan, for photos and description of your Monarch.