Very rare and luxury Mercury Grand Monarch...

1975 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia 4-door sedan - Powered by 302CID V8 engine with C4 automatic transmission.
History of this 1975 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia:

"A luxury car - at a sensible price..."

In 1975, Mr. Bev Lewis purchased the Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia new (VIN: 5W37F538333) for his wife Margaret when they were living in Bangor, Maine, USA. The Merc was always kept it in a garage. In the 1980s, the Lewis family moved to St. Petersburg, Florida.
In 2000, Benjamin Keevil purchased the Merc from Mr. Lewis and kept it in Bradenton, Florida. Driven occasionally, always kept in a garage. In Florida - replaced most of the exhaust system, distributor, and upgraded the air conditioner to the new 134-type refrigerant.
In November 2002, Benjamin and David Murphy drove the Merc from Florida to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The car cruises great on the highway.

Benjamin imported the Merc into Canada and licenced (APBP-665) it in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Driven occasionally in winter and daily in summer. The car is in excellent condition, 302 CID 8 cylinder engine with 56,000 miles, no accidents. The vinyl top and leather bucket seats are perfect. Unfortunately, the car was painted once in the late 1990's. Needs new driver's side dark-brown carpets, a passenger's side-view mirror, compass, and an engine cleaning.

Hopefully, there are other 1975 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia cars still running. However, there were only about 3,000 built!

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Thank you, Benjamin, for photos and description of your Grand Monarch.