Bob's cool daily driver...

1977 Ford Granada 4-door - Powered by 302CID V8 engine with C4 automatic transmission.
Here is what Bob says about his car:
I bought the car in 1995 or 1996 it was bought for parts for my other Ford products. It sat until 2001 when I realized that with kids on the way I needed a bigger car. So I decided to fix up the granada instead of paring it out. I had paid $450.00 for it, and it milage was in the mid 60,000. I had previously removed the engine and it was in my Mustang. Since the engine bay was empty I decided to degrease and strip that. It was then repainted. The entire car was sanded down to bare metal, epoxy primered ,and any rust or dents were taken care of. I then sprayed it with a Chrysler silver color from a 2000 Neon. It was sprayed in basecaot/clearcoat with PPG paint.
Tilt steering and rear defrost are the only options. It has red interior with a cloth bench seat. It has been a very reliable car driven all year round in Wisconsin weather. Some rust is starting to creep back, but that is expected. I now have 97,000 miles on the car and am very happy with the service it has given me.

The original red vinyl top was trashed, this was removed and I made my own top out of some bulk black vinyl I had aquired and had sitting around. The top took some experimenting with but the end result turned out very well, and the cost was almost nothing. Over all I have right around $1,000 in to the car including purchace price.

The entire suspention has been rebuilt from almost new parts I had from a previous Granada that had structural failure and had to be put out to pasture.

The only modifications to the car are some early 90's Mercury Grand Marquis aluminum rims with 225/60 R15 tires. A holley 600 4BBL on the original 2BBL intake, and a low restriction exhaust.

Thank you, Bob, for photos and description of your Granada.