Bruno's Granada, Monarch and Fairlane...

1977 Ford Granada 2-door and Mercury Monarch 2-door - Both powered by 302CID V8 engine, Granada has C4 automatic transmission and Monarch has 3-speed O/D manual tranny with floor shifter.
Here is what Bruno says about his cars:
My 1977 Granada, I was in South California visiting my friend and came across this car same owner. For $600.00 it had 36,000 miles. It has power brakes, power steering, power door locks, air condition, tilt column and AM/FM/8-tack radio. Runs and drives like new. I drove it from Calif. to PA. in 3 days, got 16 MPG on gas at 65mph. These cars never did get great mileage, I been fooling with these Granada since 1977, I must of owned over six of them, 6cyl. and V8. This is the best one I ever had. No rust, like new!

The 1964 Fairlane I bought new in Ohio in '64 when I was in Airforce. My wife died in 1974 cancer, I had three boys to raise. I left the car in Georgia on my brother in law's farm and moved up here to PA. In 1997 my brother in law died and his wife ask me to come and get it as she was selling the place. I was so suprised to find it in such a good condition after all those years I bought it up here and had it gone over and repaired and it has only 67,000 miles on it.

My 1977 Monarch, well my son was at the yard sell last year and that green car was sitting there, dirty as hell with wrecked left rear quarter panel. He looked inside and seen bucket seats, 4-speed on the floor and he noticed it was in great condition exept the qt. panel. He told me to go and look at it - Dad you like those cars! I took one look and fell for it. 54,000 miles and just like new. No power anything. 302CID V8 engine with manual tranny. That's it AM radio. I talk to owner, she said it was her uncle and he died 7 years ago and it sat there for years until her niece tryed to drive it and couldn't get use to clutch and she park it in "N" without the brake on and it rolled across the road into neighbours truck and crushed the panel. I gave her $300.00 for car and I order the qt. panel from TX. so I could get one no rust. My son put the panel on and he will paint the entire car Meadow Green in March. We removed the vinyl top. So in the future after it is painted I will show some new pics.

"New" quarter panel from Texas sitting next to my Granada.

Monarch will look like new soon. Here with fixed up and primered quarter panel.

Monarch interior with bucket seats, floor shifter and custom tach on the steering column.

Granada interior with bench seat and all the power stuff.

Thank you, Bruno, for photo and description of your Granada.