1979 Granada which drives and looks like a brand new car...

1979 Ford Granada 2-door - Powered by 302CID V8 engine with 3-speed O/D manual transmission.
Here is what Carl says about his car:
When I turned 16, my first car was going to be a 1976 Granada, 2 door, 302 V8, automatic. Well, it turned out the guy sold it on me, and I was really mad. Since then I've owned numerous cars, including three Mustangs, one which sits next to my recenlt aquired Granada tucked away in the garage. I started looking for a nice 2-door Granada about a year before I found this one. All that was out there was beat up old 6 cylinder models with either too much rust, or too many dents and missing parts. So I gave up on my search for the car and started working on my Mustang some more, when my dad called me one day and told me there was a nice Granada at a used car lot down the street from my house. I hurried over there, and could not believe my eyes.

It was absolutely PERFECT. Not a single flaw on the car. I was expecting this to be a 6 cylinder, automatic, older persons type of car. Until I looked inside and saw the 4 speed manual on the floor. I was shocked to see they even made them like this. Next step was to see the old clunker straight 6 under the hood, and to my surprise again, sat a perfect condition 302 V8. I kept hearing a voice in my head telling me to buy the car. So before I signed any papers or anything, I wanted to take it for a ride. The car started great with only one pump of the pedal and a turn of the key the 302 came to life. It was idling perfect like it was a brand new car. I looked down at the instrument cluster and saw it only had 36k miles on it. The car drove like a brand new car, with very nice power (smokes the tires with ease in 1st gear and chirps them in 2nd). It was almost too good to be true, there had to be a catch or something I thought.

So while out on my test drive I stopped at the local mechanic and had him check the car out for me, and his eyes were glowing. He said to me 'Where did you find this and how much do you want for it?'. He showed me the undercarriage of the car and it was immaculate. The car was straight as an arrow, never hit, never repainted, and hardly driven. Needless to say I went back to the place and signed the papers on the spot. Since then I've put almost 800 miles on it just cruising it around town and going to shows. It has won 3 first place trophies in its class (mid 70's to early 80's stock). Whenever I take the car out, it turns heads like you wouldn't believe, and when people find out its a stick shift 302, almost everyone says 'Where the hell did you find something like this at?'. After cruising to a local drive in one night with the car, just about everyone there gathered around the car, and all they talked about was how they either used to have a Granada, or wish they would have found this one before I did. I plan on having this car for a long, long time.

Thank you, Carl, for photos and description of your Granada.