"Old Ger"

1977 Ford Granada Ghia 2-door
Here is Jessica's (Chris' wife) story about their Family car:
Chris has a huge story about his heirloom Granada to tell and I am here to help him...
In 1977 (when Chris was the ripe old age of 4) his father bought this car, a 1977 Granada Ghia Brand New from a dealer. We still have the original paperwork, sales brochure, window sticker and records upon records of oils changes, gas mileage and repairs. And many family photos and home movies with "her" in the background. Her nickname is "Old Ger". Chris' father was in the military. This meant he traveled the world in this car, grew up with this car. He was stationed in Germany for 4 years. He toured Europe in this car. He spent countless hours and seen more miles and sites than I can even imagine... in this car. We have memories together in this car. We brought our second son home in this car.

His father passed away 12/17/97. His sister returned the car to my husband in hopes that he would be able to restore this family time capsule. The car looked good from the outside, but the interior was in deperate need of attention. His sister used it for daily driving but let it's care go wayward.

My husband is disabled. He has Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as other degenerating complications. At 32 he is lucky just to be able to walk. This car is more than just a car it is something special and dear to him. It's a family member and it reminds him a lot about his father. We have 2 children and have suffered many set-backs since he received the car. As a result just keeping tires on it has been a challenge (we had 5 other cars-now down to 3). But the car has been good to us, always there for us and good on gas at the same time. 9/25/05 my husband was out cruising to the store. The front driver's tire- balljoint, tie rod (EVERTHING) snapped. He ran into a telephone pole. The driver's side of the car has been wrecked.

Old Ger has survived hurricanes (last one a tree fell on her- didn't hurt her). A freak hail storm had it's way with her. All the while waiting for the restoration that was to come. He has done little things here and there to her, updated somethings inside and added a few things she didn't have. He tried to find a leak that has plagued them from day one, so that the interior resto could be started. He is hopeful that it can be fixed. Repairs are one thing- parts are nowhere to be found in this area or seemingly anywhere! Along with all of his grief- he hopes there isn't any structural damage. He has the determination to keep her out of the bone yard. Ultimately he hopes to return her to the pristine condition she so deserves. She's not just a car - she's a family member and friend. Hopefully someone here can help Chris bring this to fruition. We are so happy to have found this special place! Thanks for your time! I beg you...if ANYONE can and will help him save Old Ger - you'd be a Saint of Saints. She means so much to him (and THAT means alot to me). He doesn't have much enjoyment anymore, some days he can't get out of bed. He will sit in that car and armoral her cracked dashboard and seats, just to spend time with her. PLEASE HELP! I don't think that if he can't fix her he could find the strength to send her away. And seeing her like this is killing him.

Thanks again for everything! The Loyer Family.

P.S. The picture where Chris is asleep under the hood - is a pure moment with him. He was so tired but determined to find that vaccum leak....

If you can help, please contact Jessica Loyer at: jessical330@hotmail.com