Douglas father's ride...

1977 Ford Granada 2-door - Powered by 250CID inline six engine with 3-speed O/D manual transmission.
Here is what Douglas says about his dad's car:
My dad bought it from a retired man for 300 dollars Canadian. At the time it had recently had new tires and brakes. The paint at the time of purchase was darker red and the seats were just a bench in the front and bench in the back. We have now owned and driven this car for about eight years. It runs better than all our other vehicles. My dad drives it to work everyday even in the winter.

Ever since my dad bought this car, he has made improvements here and there. The main attraction in this car is the electric adjustable bucket seats from a cougar. These hold you better than the bench did, and the cloth is much more forgiving in hot weather than the vinyl. We got a new paintjob recently to test the colour we wanted for our '72 Beetle convertible he restored. As you can see in the pictures, it's bright red, and we wouldnt want it any other way.

We live in a small town and everyone recognizes this car. The engine is the 250 cubic inch straight six with a K&N air filter. This goes through the four speed manual transmission. I love this engine because it is so reliable. In our bleak cold winter up here in Canada it still starts right up with a roar. We have removed many of the things that hinder it's performance such as the cataletic converter, and the air conditioning system. The exaust goes straght through all the way to a muffler at the back to give the car a beasty idling tone. I've had her up to 100 miles per hour smooth as can be. The car was base model at purchase, but we have taken the liberty of installing the optional wood lining dash board and the right side mirror.

Thank you, Douglas, for photos and description of your father's Granada.