Dianne's first love...

1980 Ford Granada 4-door - Powered by 250CID inline six engine with C4 automatic trannsmission.
Here is Dianne's description of her Granada:
I bought my 1980 Ford Granada brand new on August 21, 1980. It was two-toned Desert Tan in color (I called it gold and yellow) with light tan interior. The two-toned paint was a rare color and there were not too many that particular color here in Rockland County, N.Y. It also had power steering, power disc brakes, A/C and an AM/FM stereo cassette.
It came with wire wheel covers from the factory, but after two years someone had stolen two of them. I replaced them with chrome rims that came with a spoke center to give it the wire wheel cover look, but I liked just the chrome rims so that's how I left it.

The engine had one major problem that was my fault. At the time I did not know anything about cars and I had a hit a pothole and put a hole in the oil pan and was driving without oil until I heard a ticking noise. I had burnt the inside of the engine and it needed new valves and lifters (whatever they are). After that work was done, the car ran beautiful and I never had any more major mechanical problems with it. The starter was replaced twice and the transmission was rebuilt at 110,000 miles.

I also added the chrome rocker panel guards and chrome door edge guards to dress it up a little. I never did anything else to it. The way it is in the pictures is the way I drove it home from Ford 22 years ago. I kept it clean and was always washing and waxing it.

Unfortunately, I listened to everyone's advice that the car was getting old and I would not be able to get parts for it so against my better judgement I let my nephew take it and after finding out it needed a carb. and an A/C pump, he decided to junk it. The car had 210,000 miles on it and now I am sorry I let it go. I loved my Granada...

Thank you, Dianne, for photos and description of your Granada.