Duane's Monarch with some nice mods...

1977 Mercury Monarch 2-door - Powered by 285hp 302 Ford SVO crate motor with 4-speed O/D manual transmission.
Here is what Duane says about his car and it's history:
My Dad ordered it the Fall of 1976 and was used as the family car for 2 years. We sold it to my cousin and we bought it back in 1986 and repainted it "Dove Gray" at home.

The first 2 pictures show it just repainted and ready to go. I drove this car for 3 years to college at Ohio State and all over creation with my friends. I really like this car but the gas milelage was not to good. In 1990 I bought a new Ford Escort and the car was sold to someone my dad worked with at the Ford Motor Company in Lima, Ohio. It was sold later to another guy at Ford. In June 1994 I found out it was for sale again, so I bought it for $600 with 144,000 miles on it.

In the summer of 1995 I put in a 285 hp Ford SVO 302 SVO crate motor (built at the Cleveland plant). I also put in new fornt end suspension, heavy duty clutch, and new exhaust with sidepipes at the rear wheels at this time. The body was blacked out of insignia and the cast wheels painted black. I drive this car in the "no snow" months to work and for fun. I drive it to Michigan (work related travel) and occasionally up into Canada.

It is very dependable and still gets 20 mpg. It is very quick and I have smoked every car that has attempted a street race. The pictures show it basically as it is today except I now have white letter fat Goodyear tires on it and has 179,000 miles on it. (I broke the front U-joint last fall and someone backed into the drivers side fender - so it is time for a total restore (paint and goodies). The mercury was never wrecked and has very little rust thanks to ziebart!!!

My monarch has power brakes and power steering as the only power options. It came with the 4-speed O/D Tremec transmission and cast aluminum wheels - this was the sportiest Merury your could get back then.

Thank you, Duane, for photos and description of your Monarch.