Fred's daughter's school driver...

1980 Ford Granada 2-door - Powered by 302CID V8 engine with automatic tranny.
Here is Fred's story of this car:
I have recently acquired a '80 model Ford Granada 2-door Sedan. I know 2-door generally means Coupe but apparently not when it came to this car. I bought it off of eBay for $560, just because it was so clean in the photos. I live in Texas and the car was in Northern California. After winning the bid I flew up and drove it back. That was the last 2000 miles it had when I got it back. I had to get the engine replaced. I got it for my daughter to drive to school.

You guys would probably really like it. Is's white with red interior 302 automatic with after market air. It was purchased bare bones in California and only had 2 owners. Still has the Original Hub Caps and all of the spare tire parts and stickers, by all standards it is a beautiful automobile.

I really did not like the look when they were new but I really like this one probably because I like unique things and there are not any of these around any more and since they use old cars instead of ore for steel chances of any surviving are not high. I have included the photos that sent me to California.

Thank you, Fred, for photos and description of your Granada.