"The Road is Ours" - Greg's '77 Green Granada...

1977 Ford Granada 2-door - Powered by 302CID V8 engine with C4 automatic transmission.
Here is what Greg says about his car:
This 1977 Granada Ghia 2-door is the 5th Granada I've owned over the last 20-plus years. I guess you can say that I just can't get enough of them! I'd always thought that I would eventually buy another Granada if I could find one in good condition. Fortunately, I came upon this beauty. It didn't take me long to make the deal and drive it home. After a good cleaning inside and out along with a buff-wax, it's now just as you see it!

This car has only 49,000 miles and has obviously been garaged for a big part of it's life. The interior shows very little wear or sun damage. It's loaded with a 302 V8 that runs perfectly, an automatic transmission that shifts like a dream, power steering, power brakes, power seats, air conditioning, cruise control, a luggage rack and factory alloy wheels. It has an automatic parking brake release, an option that you don't see anymore, and it came with a factory AM radio which I did replace with a factory AM-FM stereo cassette player from an '83 Escort that I had been holding on to "just in case". Other than that, I plan to keep this Granada as original as possible.

There's truly nothing like the ride and handling of a Granada. Although I try not to drive it much in an effort to keep down the mileage, I have to admit that sometimes I just can't help myself and gat in and take it for a spin! Every time I get behind the wheel it takes me back to the days when I had just gotten out of high school and I wanted to buy a "nice respectable car" and that was when I bought my first Granada, which was also a 1977 (and almost new at the time).

I grew up with friends who's parents bought a new Granada when they first came out. I fell in love with it and I've loved them ever since. While everyone else my age was into Mustangs and Camaros, which of course I liked as well, I was into Granadas most of all just because I thought they were somehow different from the average car. They STILL are! I'm not letting this one get away from me like I did the other four! I keep it covered while it's parked in the driveway, but I hope to soon have a garage built to keep it in. Be looking for this Granada to appear in a car show or two!

Nice green interior is like showroom condition.

Thank you, Greg, for photos and description of your Granada.