Jason's first car...

1976 Ford Granada 4-door - Powered by 302CID V8 engine with C4 automatic transmission.
Here is what Jason says about his car:
I was looking for my first car, I'm 16 right now, and this baby was just siting in a lot. I bought it for 600 bucks and all it really needed was a new master cylinder and a transmission modulator. It has Power steering, a really bad radio, and fuzzy dice. It had AC, but I never use it so I took it out. Since then I added a high-flow air filter and muffler, as well as a better PCV valve and breather. I also added those nifty hood clips and gas struts to keep the hood open... and I dropped the back 3". This was a bad idea, even though it looks cool, I never realized how bad the suspension was. There is a bit of rust on the bumpers and trim, but that will be taken care of when I do the body...

My basic goal is to turn it in to a high performance street machine. These are my current plans:
-rebuild the engine with performance parts: Holley manifold, Street Avenger carb, CompCams valve train
-Rebuild the tranny to better specs, and add a shift improver kit.
-add headers and dual side pipe exhaust.
-rebuild the rear suspension with new leaf springs, and HP shocks
-add a hood scoop and repaint the body gloss black, after shaving some trim
-putting some chrome rims, and wide rear tires on

In all it should be a good, all-round car. If this does all happen then all will know the name GRANADA.

Thank you, Jason, for photos and description of your Granada.