"Da Merc"
Jeff's 1976 Monarch

1976 Mercury Monarch - 250CID inline six engine with C4 automatic transmission, orginal 92,000 miles.
Here is Jeff's history of his Monarch:
"It was purchased in September, 1975 by Leonard Milligan (my grandfather) from Waterson's Lincoln-Mercury in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. It was driven occasionally by my grandmother as she did not work, and at the time, my grandfather had a '72 Mercury Meteor (same as a Marquis, but only built & sold in Canada). The car was always garage stored but did see road salt every winter up until 1990.

I inherited the car in August, 1991 with 24,000 original miles on the motor. Nevertheless, the motor was in desperate need of a valve job due to short drives.

The car looks good and drives well and now has over 92,000 miles on it. I only showed it once, and won a first place trophy on it in 1995... Now it's just for my own pleasure."

Here are the stats:
Color: ice-blue metallic
Interior: silver-blue (all original)
full vinyl roof (recovered in 1992)
Transmission: automatic (rebuilt in 2000)
Tires: 235/60 R14 BFG T/A's (2002)
Air Conditioning: (recharged in 1998)
Radiator - 3core (rebuilt in 1999)
Leaf springs - (new in 2002)
Ball joints (LH in 1999, RH in 2002)

Parking lite bezels, tail lite bezels, LH mirror - (rechromed in 1998)

NOS parts:
trunk script (2001)
RH fender script (2002)
LH fender script (2001)
grille (2001)
transmission selector (2002)
fake vinyl insert panel (2001)
wheel-well mouldings (1991)

Reproduction parts:
Magnum 500 trim rings/center caps (2001)

Body parts:
LH fender - new reproduction (1994)
header panel (off of parts car)
Last complete paint job (1992)

Thank you, Jeff, for photos and description of "Da Merc".