"The King" aka. '77 Monarch "Miracle"

1977 Mercury Monarch 2-door - Powered by 302CID V8 engine with C4 automatic transmission.
Here is Johnny's story about his car:
In a pinch to travel, we bought a 1977 (the year we were born) Mercury Monarch a month ago. Our families are calling it the "Miracle" but we call it the King. Me and a friend bought it for a $100 in PA and used it as our ticket to get to NY. The dealership was about to junk the poor old car and gut its heart. apparently the owner drove him his whole life. I wish i had pictures of the guy who sold it too me. Oh mark, he was a delighful old cook with loads of river deep diving stories. (Another weird myth about our car, the previous owner had lived on my block when i was a child-so says the title-about a few doors down by row homes. I could have passed it while playing in the alley).
By my feet - the floorboards are rusting through and when we bought it we were told by the dealer that the power stearing didn't work. So with a little tightning and some fluid it now works - "miracle".

The other day we blew a hose after replacing the front brakes-shaking our heads at the silly brake clips (we've always owned GM's) (editors comment: GM? how could you? :)) and got the tuning all messed up for a while after pulling the thermomater. The car doesn't like its vacum advance one bit. The King is a color of rusty cream. Its a two door with a 302 V8. I'll assure you, our car doesn't compare to those neatly painted ones but it has the heart of a King. The King of mercury. Our Miracle car.
The King has gone through a lot. He was my home while I traveled the East Coast. Today, the King still resides in upstate New York with golf balls for window knobs. The floor boards have been repaired and some of the rust spots have been touched up.

Thank you, Johnny, for photos and description of your Monarch.