With Granada from the youngest years...

1979 Ford Granada ESS 2-door - Powered by 351CID V8 engine with C4 automatic tranny (as for now).
Here is what Kevin says about his car:
I have had a Granada since I was 19 years old (1985). My first was a 78 ESS 302 4-speed O/D... had many many years of fun with this car. A lady ran a traffic light and T-boned me, totalling the car. I am building my Granada now and making it all I wanted my first to be. This one is a '79 ESS auto. I kept all the 4-speed stuff and they are going back in this one. This time she is getting a 1994 351W Roller Motor to sit in front of the 4 speed! I think I may even troke it out to be a 393W. Here are the pics of the story so far.

Thank you, Kevin, for photos and description of your Granada.