Nice '82 Granada that will once drive proud...

1982 Ford Granada 4-door - Powered by 200CID inline six engine with automatic transmission.
Here is what Kevin says about his car:
Here it is! I can proudly say that I am the first to submit a 82' Granada 3.3l Two tone light blue/dark blue, the last of it's kind.
My family bought it back in '82 drove it untill it was put away in '96 for a hand me down car. When my older brother got his license he literally destroyed the body. He let the car rust, bent the door by backing up with the door open, as the door was bent all the way to the fender, and to top it off its head light bezels, the blinker lights and one head light where crushed by my drunken father using the car as a battering ram.

Then after my older brother got an Escort the car was once again put away in the garage. It then sat for 3 more years as the tires dry rotted and the engine sat. Once in a Blue Moon the car was pulled out but rarely. My dad and everyone else would pile boxes, tools, and misc. using the car as a table, which dented it every where. That is the story of its life until it finally got handed down to me.

I went on the net and searched everywhere for parts or owners for Granadas, I then discovered how rare and unique these cars where. So I kept it and decided not to sell it. The car will be under full restoration and will once drive proud. As you can see in the photos the door damage, rust and some after market hub caps.

Thank you, Kevin, for photos and description of your Granada.