Mark's 1978 Granada
Warning - it's not completely stock...

1978 Ford Granada - Modified 302CID V8 engine with modified C4 tranmission, orginal 66,000 miles.
Here is what Mark says about his Granada:
"It was restored in 1998 (with new rear quarter) - car had some dents and surface rust. I removed the old vinyl top and prepped the roof for a new top (I had a shop install a new top). I removed the old quarter panel (previously hit and repaired by some shop before I acquired it) and installed a good used one. I then removed the rust and dents, primered and sanded the car, then took it to a paint shop. Paint turned out so good that I have only waxed it to this day - everybody thinks I had to wet sand and buff it to look that good (I was a auto body and mechanic a few years ago). To finish off the restoration I fitted it with 50 series tires and alloy wheels in 1999. I installed heavy duty rear springs and poly bushings on the front sway bar - what a difference in handling. Just the bushings was a very good improvement. The interior is mostly original. It is pretty fast and gets good mileage (22 to 28 mpg on the highway, not bad for a v-8). My wife and I have taken it to numerous shows and events and have won a few first, second, and third place finishes."

Take a look at some photos of Mark's Granada...

Thank you, Mark, for photos and description of your sporty Granada.