Mike used to own many interesing Granadas...

1976 Ford Granada Coupe - Factory engine was 302CID V8 with C4 tranny, but Mike bought it to make a race car...
Here is what Mike says about this Granada:
"I stripped all the undercoating and excess weight off it, installed manual transmission pedals and linkage, bought a 9"disc brake rear axle, and was ready to install the engine I had for it when I got married and we had our first son. I ended up sending it to the junkyard unfinished." :-(

1976 Ford Granada Sedan
Mike beating the crap out of his '76 sedan. It was orginally his grandmother's car, his mother drove it until she sold it to Mike in '85. This one went to the yard when he was through with it too, in about '89.

1980 Ford Granada Coupe - It had factory 302CID V8 engine with C4 transmission. I was Mike's favourite Granada. Wheels are aftermarket Keystones, 14x6 front and 15x8 rear.

Interior of this '80 Granada. Please forgive Mike "the tasteless fuzzy seat covers"... picture was taken in late 80's.

Thank you, Mike, for great photos and description of your cars.