Club Founder's Granada...

1975 Ford Granada Ghia Sedan - 250CID inline six engine with C4 transmission. Odometer shows 92,600 miles and has 500 miles on rebuilt engine. Transmission was rebuilt at around 83,000 miles and it works perfectly. This is my first American Ford (and not my last). It has my favorite exterior and interior colors - dark red. I'm the 4th owner of this car. My Granada has Ghia package, but doesn't have power brakes, windows or seat. Had factory towing package with HD springs, but I took the tow out. The first owner bought it used in the United States and shipped it to Poland from New York on the Polish Ocean Liner called "Stefan Batory" in 1977. There are only three or four other Granadas like mine in Poland right now. My Granada is almost 100% orginal car, except Lincoln Versailles exterior mirrors, dual exhaust and third stop light that I call my own additional Cartier package.

That's good to have Granada back on road again. Especially in such a nice day!

Inline six with dual exhaust! They aren't any performance improvement. I just wanted my Granada to look nice and classy.

Freshly rebuilt, smooth and powerful 250CID inline six engine, bored .030'' over. New pistons, rings, all bearings, camshaft, lifters, lifter rods, oil pump, water pump, fuel pump and all the seals.

Interior is almost all orginal. I had to make new carpets when I bought the car. I replaced the 70's stereo aftermarket radio with '77 Ford Quadrasonic AM/FM/8-track radio from Versailles. Installed new door speakers and factory grills. While replacing the radio I noticed some surface cracks in the vinlyl dash pad so I had it leather wrapped. I also replaced stock digital clock with "Cartier" from Versailles I bought NOS on eBay.

1977 Ford Granada 2-door - 200CID inline six engine with 3-speed O/D manual transmission. I bought this car at the begining of November, 2006. Odometer shows 77,200 orginal miles and it has about 90% of orginal paint. Engine was rebuilt by the previous owner a few thousand miles ago, but it's kinda noisey when cold. Clutch slips badly under load but it still accelerates pretty good.

Completly orginal and stock interior (except the radio) with bucket seats and center console.

It's a base model of Granada Coupe without the additional trim. I think that it's kinda sporty this way.

All the "smog-era" stuff is still under the hood. And it seems like it operates well, so I'll keep it as for now. It needs a new brake pump. The one it the car is from Mercedes and it should be teamed with brake booster, but it isn't. It's very hard to depress the brake pedal.

Is there any greater car than Granada, Monarch or Versailles?