The "HIJI"

1975 Ford Granada 4-door - Powered by 302CID V8 engine with C4 automatic transmission.
Here is what Adelina, Orlando's wife says about his car:
This car was brought in a salvage car lot on March 1 of 2004 for 900 dollars. Orlando Alba who is the second owner of the car drove the car for about one year with out any problem one day while he was driving the timing chain came off. We had to get a wrecker to have the car toll. Orlando who is a mechanic knew what kind of labor it was going to require having the engine repair. We did not have the means as a work shop to repair the engine. But we decided to repair the engine any how. We live in an apartment complex with little space to work. The parking space is very limited.

To make a long story short. Orlando had to take the engine apart piece by piece in other words he dissemble the entire engine. It took him about one month to repair the engine in an apartment complex parking lot. I almost forgot Orlando wanted to sell the car to a junk yard because he was heart broken thinking he was going to have a hard time to repair the engine. I convince him not to and he decided to repair the engine.

Good thing it was in June if not can you imagine the how hard it would have been in the winter. Anyway after he repair the engine we have been in numerous car shows. The car is a 1975 model, it has a 302CID (5.0L) engine and the transmission is a C4. The seats are original as well as the black color of the car which we where told it is a C1 factory color. Air conditioning of the car is original.

The mileage before repairing the engine was 83000 after the repair is about 300 miles. The car has an antique plate which limits the car to travel very little on weekends. We participated in 2005 in about 6 car shows which in three shows we got plaques the two was for the top 50 in originality. One was for the most original car in the show. The cars name is HIJI in honor of Orlando's son.

Thank you, Adelina, for photos and description of Orlando's Granada.