'80 Monarch which is still a new car...

1980 Mercury Monarch 2-door sedan - Powered by 250CID inline six engine with C4 automatic transmission. It has air conditioning that works great.
Here is what Randal says about his car:
I am not much of a car guy but when I found this car I knew it was something special. Some of what I'm about to tell you may sound a little unbelievable. I bought this 1980 Mercury Monarch from the original owner about 8 months ago. He is a very nice 94 year old gentleman that took meticulous care of his car. It has 23,876 original miles. It is in showroom condition. It drives and looks like a new car because it is still a new car. Every part of the car is original and in perfect condition right down to the detail brush with the Monarch insignia. He told me that noone has ever sat in the backseat so I have continued that tradition.

It does have a new battery and new tires.

The carpet and interior still have the new car shine.

The paint has been protected by being garaged after every drive.

Engine is in perfect condition and it also looks like new.

Thank you, Randal, for photos and description of your Monarch.