American Granada in Netherlands...

1975 Ford Granada 4-door - Powered by 250CID inline six engine with C4 automatic transmission.
Here is what Rob says about his car:
I won it at an auction a few months ago. I had been looking for a nice Monarch for a while but couldn't find a decent one when I came accross a 75 Nova with 350 power, that car had only 57000km's and I drove that until I got tipped off on a 75 Ford Granada Ghia, that would come up for auction. Bought new in 75 by this older guy who kept it until his death recently. It had accumulated roughly 28500miles when it ended up with me.

It sports the base Ghia 250 inline six with Select-Shift. It had been sitting for quite a while but with a new battery it fired up right away. It runs a little rough when in D, but I think this is caused by a vacuum leak somewhere.
I took off all the emissions equipment because the hoses had deteriorated somewhat, and plan to sort out the vacuum problem in the near future. It now has new brakes and lines for safety, and I plan to replace the rear tires because these are from 1975!!

It has no rust whatsoever, and had been Z barted when new. It' quite rare in Holland because most Granada's are the European kind, and the Mercury was the only officially available one at the time, so as not to confuse buyers.
The only real disappointment were the broken leafsprings, and led me to believe the actual mileage should be much higher. However the guys in the forum told me this is a weak point with these cars, and almost all have had leafspring replacements. I am looking for replacements.

I can't think of any interesting options on this car. It is pretty basic I suppose. It has had an accident in the right rear flank, but that has been fixed decently. I only miss the chrome wheelarch moulding that had been bent beyond repair I guess. And the vinyllook gascapcover is gone too (any tips?).
Hope you enjoy the pics! Note the horrible large Dutch license plates.

Thank you, Rob, for photos and description of your Granada.