Nice stock maroon 2-door...

1978 Ford Granada 2-door - Powered by 250CID inline six engine with C4 automatic trannsmission.
Here is what Ryan says about his Granada:
This is my 1978 Granada, maroon in colour. It still has the stock exhaust, with a brand new chrome exhaust tip, and there is also a brand new battery. The engine needs cleaning, and a good tune up. In the future, I hope to re-paint it metallic maroon, replace the white vinyl top, and side trim with black, and If I get enough money, drop a 302 V8 with a dual Edelbrock exhaust system. The good thing about this Granada is that is only set me back $600!

Proud owner, Ryan Lepagnol and his car.

Thank you, Ryan, for photos and description of your Granada.