"It has safely transported my family to their destinations since Jimmy Carter was president..."

1978 Ford Granada 4-door - Powered by 250CID inline six engine with automatic trannsmission.
Here is Saurabh's description of his Granada:
My father bought this car brand new on January 27, 1979. This car was built on May 17, 1978, making it exactly 10 months younger than me. The sticker price was $6,279.00 and my father dealed it down to $5,100.00 cash. Options included: white full vinyl top ($102), selectshift cruise-o-matic ($204), DR78x14 WSW radial tires ($42), power steering ($151), power front disc brakes ($55), electric rear window defroster ($86), air conditioner selectaire ($504), AM/FM monaural radio ($135), interior dťcor group (burgundy vinyl and cloth seating surfaces with puffy padding on the doors and faux-wood trim for ($211) and tinted glass-complete ($57). Available options not purchased were the V-8 engine, dual exhaust, 4 way power seats with recline, bucket seats, leather, luxury light group, power windows, power locks, moon-roof, power deck-lid release, tilt wheel, power mirrors, day-night mirror, quartz clock, am/fm/8-track/cassette five speaker stereo, automatic climate control, rubber strips on the chrome bumpers, 22 oz. carpeted floor mats, and color keyed seat belts.

My father is the most practical man I know, his motto is if it ainít broke, donít replace it. This car was an addition to his 1968 Ford Custom that had many, many miles on it. The Granada has been his primary car/daily driver from January 27, 1979 to the present. It was our only car from 1982 to July 20, 1997, when my dad bought me a new Ford Taurus.

The Granada has 162,000 miles on it and my mechanic gives it a clean bill of health, claiming it will last another 100,000 miles. Everything is original except the vinyl top and rear speakers. There is nothing wrong with this car and everything still works. Total repair/maintenance bills for the last 20+ years is equal about $5,000.00 since parts and repair are very affordable for this car. The I-6 with a one-barrel carburetor (87-octane gas) recently made 22mpg on a 400 mile road trip my family made this summer, with an average speed of 75 mph. This mpg is consistent with what the car achieved back in 1979.

The car is very safe. It has safely transported my family to their destinations since Jimmy Carter was president. This car has never left me stranded and is quite reliable. It has taken me through Maryland blizzards, over the Appalachians, Kansas wheat fields, golf-ball sized Illinois hail storms, foot deep floodwaters, central California dust storms, dense central valley fog, Midwest lightening storms, over the Sierras-Nevada mountains, and though the Mojave Dessert at 80 mph in 120 degree heat (where lesser cars had overheated). I also use it as my pickup truck, hauling bricks, cement, roofing material, tile, sod, and even dirt (in the trunk). The car is very durable since I learned to drive on it (when I was 11) and have tortured it for the last 14 years. I have concluded that I cannot hurt it. This carís durability forced me to buy my third Ford. I am certain that my fourth car will also be a Ford, but with a V8.

Thank you, Saurabh, for photos and description of your Granada.