Tom's rare 1976 and 1981 Granadas...

1976 Ford Granada 2-door - Powered by 302CID V8 engine with automatic tranny.
Here is Tom's description of his Granada:
Purchased new by my dad in Chicago area in July 1976. A limited edition "triple white" (white paint, white vinyl half top, white interior) Sport Coupe. 302 V8, P/S, P/Front disc brakes, A/C, Auto floor shift trans, H.D. suspension, sport wheels, bucket seats. Dad died in 1977, inherited from mother in 1988 with 12,000 miles. Now has 113,000 miles. Mild custom by removing most trim and half vinyl roof.

Replaced pitted headlight bezels with NOS purchased from club member. Replaced grill with early '76/'75 plain grill also purchased from member. Removed top of "hood ornament" and filled in base.

Removed rear window trim, opera window bezels and half vinyl top. Also removed trunk script and hidden gas cap assembly. Installed NOS gas cap and replaced pitted tail light bezels with pit free used ones. Note: Dull areas on paint are white primer.

Replaced shot leather steering wheel wrap with parts store vinyl wrap. Driver's seat repaired with near match. Replaced factory AM radio with aftermarket stereo and installed door speakers with member supplied original door speaker grills.

Under hood shows 27 years and 113,000 miles. Painted A/C bracket when I replaced timing gear. A/C compressor is off from when I replaced the P/S pump. Engine is original with only valve stem seals replaced. Automatic trans has never had even an adjustment.

"Keep up the good work Granada!" - Tom Peterson and his car...
As a comment. My parents bought this car off the showroom floor. They loved the looks of it. They had driven a demonstrator but didn't drive this one. From the start they didn't like the "hard ride" on the Sport Coupe. The window sticker showed "Heavy duty suspension". I always loved the way it handled!

1981 Ford Granada 4-door - Powered by 255CID V8 engine with automatic transmission. Straight Rust free Arizona car with 62,000 miles. Equipped with P/S, P/B and factory accessory wire wheel covers. Surprisingly no A/C!

Replaced dash and dash pad with parts found by club member. Had driver's seat reupholstered with original material. Installed after market stereo.

Has extremely low numerical rear end ratio of 2.26 yet acceleration is decent. Rear coil springs are very low rate. Probably a candidate for air shocks.

All original just wiped down with rags. I've replaced leaking heater core... piece of cake! Decided to properly route the hoses while I was at it. Took about 10 inches off each one! Had to replace leaking rack and pinion.

Tom's 1981 Granada was totalled in Winter 2004.
Sad thing is that we can't say Rust In Peace in this case :( There was no rust on this car.

Thank you, Tom, for photos and description of your Granadas.