Granada - "Project Sleeper"

1978 Ford Granada 2-door - Powered by 351CID V8 engine with C4 automatic transmission.
Here is what Tony says about his car:
This car was originally a 6 cyl. car but has a 351W engine transplanted into it from a '77 Granada that I bought as a parts car to do the swap. The C4 trans was also swapped into it from the parts car after I rebuilt it to race specs. At this moment the engine is out of it right now as it is being rebuilt into a 408W stroker engine complete with alum. heads, LT headers, solid lifter cam, victor jr. intake, and Holley 950cfm DP carb. It also has traction bars installed and will have a rear end installed into it after the engine is running in the car. It's called my "project sleeper".

Here is a fascinating story of how I ended up with this Granada:
"Is it fate? Or is it coincidence?" (long but please read)
This is a story about a car, a '78 Ford Granada. My dad had one when I was a kid, and I thought at the time they were the coolest thing. As I reached the age when I could get a license I was able to drive it after passing the examinations.
Not too long after that, I came across one that I purchased after being involved in an accident. In order to not get the insurance involved I offered to buy the person's car ('78 also) for $600 bucks as he was looking to get rid of it. I drove this car for about a year or so until one day I lent it to my sister and she ended up kissing the guardrail on the highway with it. The car was bent up bad, not worth fixing. At the time I was working at a Ford dealer who once a year has a sale of used cars traded in that were not worthy of the used car lot. One of the cars was, you guessed it, a '78 Ford Granada, this one with a 302 V8. It was running but it had a bad lifter.

I made a deal with a salesman to sell me the car on the day of the sale for $50 bucks. I took it home and proceeded to pull the motor so I can rebuild it. After it was out I decided to do it up a little bit. I had the motor rebuilt with 289 heads, higher comp., edelbrock dual plane intake, Holley 600 4 bbl, cam and headers with dual exhaust. I went over the tranny myself as I had to rebuilt the tranny in Granada #1 I bought (slipping bad). This car was the best blast I had since I started driving. Soon after I bought an 89 5.0L brand new and I had lots of fun in both cars. I was really catching people by surprise with Granada #2.
A few years went by and Granada #2 was showing it's age, cops were getting on my case about the condition of it and threatened to write me up a lot for driving a car they felt was unsafe. I eventually had to send it to the scrapyard in the sky.
11 years has since gone by, these cars are few and far between. My GF's car (Mercury Sable Wagon) was on the frits and I mentioned that it would be great to just find a beater car, something that gets you around and doesn't give you problems. I told her it would be great to get a Ford Granada as I have experience with them and know what makes them tick. She wasn't so sure at first until a few weeks after mentioning it I was looking in the paper in the classifieds and what do I see, someone has a 78 Ford Granada for sale for $500 bucks. I went to look at it, it turns out the owner past away and his sister was in charge of his estate. The car was running but rough, the body has some rust spots but was fairly solid. I saw potential for it but at that time I felt it was too much money to spend on this car so I past on it.
A few weeks later one evening, I get a phone call from the lady who was selling the car, it seems she felt that I was the only person who could make use of this vehicle and she didn't want to see it go to the wreckers, so she made me a deal. She would sell me the car for $1 if I came to pick it up the next day. I figured $1, can't go wrong with that and I picked it up. That was 2 months ago, I have it now licensed and certified for road use and have been driving it since with excellent results (this one is a 6 cyl. same as Granada #1).

I decided that this one would be a good car to do a sleeper with, it would be challenging since I'm doing a 6 to V8 swap, and I wanted a motor that was more powerful than the one Granada #2 had. So now the plans are in for me to do the swap with Granada #3, I called this project "Project Sleeper".
With my friends help using his desktop dyno, we have created an engine which will give me the goal that I want to achieve with G3. Yesterday I posted on another forum about the specifics of this engine and wanted some opinions. One particular person mentioned to me that he drives past a Granada on his way to work everyday in Toronto and it's been parked there a while since it doesn't look driven at all. I went to check it out yesterday and low and behold, here was another Granada sitting unused. I checked the VIN and it turns out this Granada would be perfect for a parts car, it has everything I need to do the swap. I am at this moment trying to get in touch with the owner to see if he is looking to sell it.
That evening I went out to get some takeout to bring home for dinner. I was going to get gas first but decided to get the takeout first. On my way home I stopped into a gas station that I usually frequent if I need gas in the area. I was putting gas in my Granada when another car pulled in driven by a lady also wanting to get gas. I thought nothing of it. We both finished at the same time and both started heading to the counter where we pay, I followed her. As she opened the door to go in she stops, turns around, looks at my car and says "That's a Ford Granada." I said "Yes, it is." She goes "I used to have one, best car I ever owned." and she proceeded to take out her key ring from her purse, and on her key ring was a hood ornament from a Granada, the same one my car has on the frt. I though this is freaky. She told me how she bought it a long time ago and drove it for 4 years before moving to something better. I asked her if she still have it but she said no, that was a long time ago.
So, what are the odds of this happening? I'm not one to believe in the weird and supernatural stuff but I think someone up above is trying to tell me something. I just hope it's not a "Christine thing."

Thank you, Tony, for photos and description of your Granada.